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Daft Punk – Get Lucky (David A Remix)

There have been a lot of remixes out there of Daft Punk’s new highly anticipated single “Get Lucky” even before the track was officially released, and I’ve listened to quite a bit of them. But this one stood out and definitely “raised the bar”. Funky.

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Skrillex – Goin’ In (Funky Mix) (Blaynoise VIP Remake)

Check out this high-octane remake of Birdy Nam Nam’s “Goin’ In” (mixed by Skrillex). Constant energy in this track and it WILL get you pumped. Listen at your own risk.

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l0gistik – Nuclear

Here is a new progressive / electro track I made. Hope you guys check it out and enjoy it, I am currently a self-taught student of electronic music production and strive to improve on my sound every time I sit down and work on a project like this.

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Madeon – Technicolor (Cormak Remix)

Check out this unique version of Madeon’s track “Technicolor” remixed by Cormak, it’s pretty heavy. Warning: this will make you move.

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Madafaux – Tzar (Original Mix)

Something a little different in the world of electro house: a remix of Tchaikovsky’s classical masterpiece “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. If you liked the original and you just happen to like electro house, you’ll definitely appreciate Madafaux’s take on it. Enjoy.

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