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Jon Hopkins goes classical with debut of ‘Scene Suspended’

Jon Hopkins goes classical with debut of ‘Scene Suspended’Jon Hopkins Tour AnnounceJon Hopkins premiered a new piano composition at the Sydney Opera House this week, giving a gentle reminder of how lucky we all are to have such classically minded musicians in the electronic fray. The track, titled “Scene Suspended,” delicately uses a violin as the yin to the yang of Hopkins’ piano, invoking feelings of… Read More ▸

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Technology meets nature in Zedd’s new music video for National Geographic’s ‘One Strange Rock’

Watch ZEDD’s performance video for ‘One Strange Rock,’ inspired by his score for a new National Geographic documentary.

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deadmau5 & Greg Reveret’s ‘where’s the drop’ satisfies without the EDM bells & whistles [Album Review]

deadmau5Greg Reveret is brought on board the deadmau5 team to reimagine his greatest works, and the resulting ‘where’s the drop?’ is sonic magic.

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Watch Hans Zimmer Blow Minds With, Lion King, Inception And Pharrell At Coachella

Hans Zimmer‘s performance at Coachella yet again confirms that music in the dessert has no bounds. The famed composer and movie score magician was one of the more unique bookings this year, and came through with a set for the ages. He melted faces with scores of Inception, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Lion King. He even brought out Pharrell to perform “Freedom.” https://twitter.com/HansZimmer/status/854034744148844545 Follow @MishaInTheAir

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Grimes’ first album ‘Visions’ gets classical treatment

Canadian instrumental trio Plumes commissioned 13 composers to re-construct Grimes’ debut album ‘Visions’ into a classical body of work.

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Mozart had the best-selling CD of 2016

In only five weeks, the ‘Mozart 225′ box set, released to commemorate the 225th anniversary of his death, out-sells every other album released in 2016.

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Johannes Brecht – Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version)

Johannes Brecht re-works his own ‘Voix Grave’ into a techno masterpiece fitting of its title.

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Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ Receives A Classical Makeover

Just after Porter Robinson’s debut album Spitfire turned 5 years old, Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine” receives the most beautiful classical makeover. The violinist and YouTube creator ‘xclassicalcatx’ decided to take on Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine” from his ‘Worlds’ album. With Sunroof arranging the harmonies on the piano and xclassicalcatx on the violin, the cover is

The post Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ Receives A Classical Makeover appeared first on EDM Sauce.

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Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ receives a beautiful classical makeover

Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ receives string treatment by xclassicalcatx, who covers the single in ethereal viola.

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Daft Punk, Skrillex, deadmau5 and more to be reworked into classical music

‘Dance Music Symphony’ is Hans Ek’s latest undertaking, where the composer transforms EDM classics into orchestral compositions.

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Above & Beyond prepare for ‘Acoustic II’ album with three acoustic singles

Above & Beyond release three stunning renditions of singles to be featured on ‘Acoustic 2,’ dropping on June 3.

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Nils Frahm celebrates Piano Day with four free releases and a 100+ track playlist

Nils Frahm gives away four unreleased ‘Solo’ tracks, a free piano, and a 100+ track playlist in celebration of the second Piano Day.

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Lido and the KORK Orchestra give BANKS’ ‘Drowning’ an incredible re-work

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

Collaborating with KORK orchestra, Lido’s incredible vocals cover the track with a little help from sweeping brass and careful string work.

Lido and the KORK Orchestra give BANKS’ ‘Drowning’ an incredible re-work was posted by Christina Hernandez, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.

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‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song From 1993 Hits #1 On Billboard Charts

Photo Credit: Universal How old were you in 1993? I was four, and that was twenty-two years ago. That’s when the original Jurassic Park hit theaters, forever securing a place … Continue reading

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Tommy Trash & Wax Motif Deconstruct “Hex”

Tommy Trash sets away from the Pioneer’s and gets behind a piano to deliver a beautifully deconstructed version for “Hex”. This track has been taking the dance community by storm since its release and now with the help from some incredibly talented people from the world of classical music, it has transformed into a thing […]

The post Tommy Trash & Wax Motif Deconstruct “Hex” appeared first on thissongslaps.com – Electronic Dance Music & Hip-Hop Media.

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Avicii – Wake Me Up (2CELLOS Edit) [Official Music Video]

Croatian cellists, Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic, also known as 2CELLOS, have just rendered one of the best covers we’ve heard in a long time. These two are more than … Continue reading

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Watch The Originial Music Video Of “Ten Feet Tall” From Stephen Wrabel

Since most of you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, you know that Stephen Wrabel jumped on board with Afrojack to collab and create one of … Continue reading

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Paris Blohm – Sailing The Sky Ft. Mimi Page (Original Mix) [Free Download]

This amazing ambient track will be on repeat for the next couple days. Here is what Paris had to say about this masterpiece. When you are done reading/listening be sure … Continue reading

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TroyBoi – Amadeus

The sound that TroyBoi has going on in this track is absolutely perfect. It’s the perfect mix of turned up and chilled out. I have to admit that I know next to nothing about TroyBoi, but I am sure as hell going to be a loyal follower after this. This track, Amadeus, has a very [...]

The post TroyBoi – Amadeus appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House, & EDM Music Blog..

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Madafaux – Tzar (Original Mix)

Something a little different in the world of electro house: a remix of Tchaikovsky’s classical masterpiece “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. If you liked the original and you just happen to like electro house, you’ll definitely appreciate Madafaux’s take on it. Enjoy.

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