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This Guy Made A Track Entirely From A Game Cube Controller And It F*CKING SLAPS: Listen

Competitive gaming and electronic dance music go hand in hand. Labels such as Monstercat have helped bring the two worlds together in beautiful unity. Still though the ties that bind grow ever more secure each day. Especially when we stumble across a S…

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Bareback Titty Squad Plays World’s First Live-Instrumental DJ Set In Whitey Tighteys And It’s Nothing Short of Brilliant (Video)

If this doesn’t go VIRAL in the next few days……. I am just in shock, awe, amazement, I just don’t even know. :O This is truly one of the greatest … Continue reading

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“Harlem Shake Video” Turns into Viral Sensation : ‘How To Harlem Shake’, and + ‘Best Of’

Earlier in 2012, Baauer dropped one of the most significant anthems in the exploding electronic / hip-hop trap scene, “Harlem Shake”. It’s catchy sample carries out a trap induced rave ready anthem that will make you move your body unctrollably. Well the song has now become the soundtrack for the latest viral video sensation. Listen [...]

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