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DJ Brendan O’Neill Takes Burning Man

Brendan O’Neill’s live set from Burning Man is finally here! Brendan O’Neill has recently exploded in the world of trance. He’s played with top artists such as Cosmic Gate, Paul Van Dyk, and Paul Oakenfold; he also played at the legendary Burning Man festival. At Burning Man, he was tasked with playing the 5:30 – 6:30 AM set… [...]

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Sharestep Anniversary Album

Listen here: Sharestep Anniversary Album

If you haven’t heard of Sharestep, you are most likely living under a rock or your friends are keeping one of the greatest secrets known to mankind away from you. So for those who don’t know, allow me to shed some light. Sharestep is a promotional channel and label that was created with the intention [...]

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