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Mozart had the best-selling CD of 2016

In only five weeks, the ‘Mozart 225′ box set, released to commemorate the 225th anniversary of his death, out-sells every other album released in 2016.

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[Exclusive Interview] Andrew Rayel Talks Upcoming Tour Plans, Passion For Movie Soundtracks & More

While we were down in Chatahoochi, GA at TomorrowWorld we got a chance to meet up with “The Modern Day Mozart” aka Armin Van Buuren’s protege aka Moldovan trance prodigy … Continue reading

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Andrew Rayel Talks Musical Background, Drugs In EDM, Future Of Trance + More [Exclusive Interview]

Born in Moldova on July 21st 1992, Andrew Rayel‘s young age never stopped him from taking the lead amongst the next generation of EDM producers. He’s the “modern-day Mozart”, today’s … Continue reading

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Skrillex Faces Off Against Mozart in Rap Battle

Listen here: Skrillex Faces Off Against Mozart in Rap Battle

Need some humor for your lagging Friday afternoon? Well in case you haven’t seen this yet, watch Epic Rap Battles of History’s newest battle between Skrillex and Mozart. Each of these raps are well thought out and overall is a very well done video.

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