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‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Chest Thump Remix Is Beyond Hilarious And Highly Addicting

Man does this get me fired up! Electic Method took to the movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and turned the notorious “chest thumping” scene into a house anthem that … Continue reading

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Hitsong To Save The World [PARODY]

Two former famous hit-making producers find themselves in an anti-dance music dystopia and are pushed to the limit. Can they save the world with one more song? Find out in the video.

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Vicetone – Stars feat. Jonny Rose + Heartbeat feat. Collin McLoughlin : 2 Progressive House Anthems

The talented Netherlands based progressive house duo Vicetone follow up a string of amazing remixes of artists including Cazzette, Doctor P, Morgan Page among other, with two very impressive original tracks. The latest “Stars” features vocals from singer Jonny Rose. For “Heartbeat” they brought out singer Collin McLoughlin who has had his fair share of blog love. Both tracks are [...]

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