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The FDA approves the first digital pill available in the US

The FDA has extended approval to Abilify MyCite, the first digitized pill to be outfitted with a sensor that can track a patient’s pill ingestion schedule.

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FDA pushes MDMA to Phase II testing, identifies drug as “breakthrough” in PTSD treatment

The FDA has given MDMA the okay to advance to Phase II trials in PTSD treatment, labeling the drug as a breakthrough in the study of PTSD remedy.

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New research supports MDMA use to treat PTSD

New research reveals MDMA-aided psychotherapy is able to ease symptoms synonymous with PTSD.

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MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may be imminent: ‘We’re on track for MDMA to be approved by the FDA by 2021′

FDA is strongly considering full authorization of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in 2021.

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