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Chris Rock Admits To Cheating On Ex-Wife With Famous Actress… Kerry Washington?

Chris Rock is currently on his Blackout Tour, preparing for his upcoming Netflix stand-up special. During the Denver tour stop, the comedic actor admits to cheating on ex-wife with three women, one being a fellow famous actress co-star. During his Denver set, Rock admits to being a “Piece of shit” to ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock during the couple’s marriage and further elaborated that he had cheated on ex-wife during their marriage with three different women. Describing the three women as “one famous, one semi-famous, and one a member of the retail class.” Upon admitting guilt, many speculate that the “one famous” […]

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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock make fun of Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis

Turns out Chris Rock and Fallon aren’t big fans of Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis’ ‘Dolphins on Wheels.’

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Chris Rock Says Kendrick Lamar is… The Greatest

Sorry Rick Ross, Chris Rock may have said that there is no better MC then Rick Ross, but it looks like he was lying as he just revealed that Kendrick Lamar is his favorite rapper. Iconic comedian, director, actor Chris Rock is currently preparing for his upcoming stand-up special and stopped by New York’s Hot 97 for an early morning press run. During the interview, Rock was asked about his favorite MC, while recently on Rick Ross’s new album track, “Powers That Be”, he labels Rozay as the best. In the interview with Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, Rock identifies […]

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Watch Dillon Francis and Kill The Noise Get Ripped On By Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock

Jimmy Fallon has a segment which he plays out pretty regularly called ‘Do Not Play List’. Basically he brings out a celebrity guests and listens to some of the most ridiculously bad music of the last month or so. This week Jimmy was hosting Chris Rock and the two took a listen to Dillon Francis

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Watch An Orchestra Play Songs From Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and more

Recorded at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, on March 6th & 7th 2015 in Katowice, Poland JIMEK’s orchestra gave their definition of Hip Hop through 30 classic … Continue reading

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