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The Meadows Music & Arts Festival 2017 (NYC)- Photos by Max Hontz

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Ahead of its time: A glimpse into Mysteryland USA’s expansive culture and arts scene

With headliners like Odesza and Skrillex, its easy to get lost in Mysteryland’s lineup, but the festival’s unsung hero is it’s culture and arts programming.

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Snails Turns The TLA Into Slugz City

In a day and age when dubstep is thriving more than ever, fans are always looking for the newest original sound to headbang their hearts out to. While huge names like Skrillex, Zomboy, and Datsik, dominate bass music, many fans complain that live dub sets have become somewhat predictable in the last two years. A style that is being adopted by artists like Getter, Spag Heddy, and Virtual Riot, take up the majority of bass music that gets played out, and while it creates for very energetic experiences for fans, for seasoned dub veterans it can get old fast. One artist who has been defying

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III Points Festival in Miami unveils 2015 music line-up

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

III Points Festival serves up yet another impressive roster of multi-genre acts.

III Points Festival in Miami unveils 2015 music line-up was posted by Jordan Diaz, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.

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