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Actress to embark on North American tour with two AI performers in tow

Actress will be taking two AI performers along with him on his 11-date fall tour. The performers will be joined by keyboard player “chrome man.”

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What happens to the human musician when artificial intelligence can also produce music?

As artificial intelligence develops at a rapid rate, AI music likewise grows as its own field, enabling machines to produce music. Details, here.

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Karma Fields brings its live show, ‘The Hex,’ to NYC

Los Angeles-based AI Karma Fields brings its live audiovisual project ‘The Hex’ to New York City.

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Mixtape Maker: This App Uses Artificial Intelligence from Spotify

Get ready for an app that is a remix and mixtape maker for your phone. Once you connect Pacemaker with your Spotify, you will be able to instantly create mixes, remixes and mashups. The Pacemaker app will even look at your Apple Music or Spotify playli…

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Google’s latest AI project acts as a virtual duet partner

Google has built an AI pianist that processes musical inputs through a neural network, and gives its own musical output, like a duet partner

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IBM’s Watson the first AI to curate a dance party

IBM’s signature AI robot Watson was on hand to curate a killer dance party for a group of lucky individuals, courtesy of morning party group Daybreaker.

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Martin Garrix Receives His Unofficial Chat Bot ‘GarrixBot’

Alexandre Mouriec, a student at ENIB in France, has created the unofficial Martin Garrix chatbot on Facebook. “GarrixBot is a personal chatbot for the DJ Martin Garrix,” Alexandre shared. With this bot, you can interact with Martin Garrix and learn about his next concerts, songs, videos and more information about his biography. Alexandre shared with ProductHunt that when he thought about building Garrixbot, he began on paper and wrote down all of the information he wanted to share. Alexandre used Chatfuel to help create it and plans to use their Artificial Intelligence to build a more conversational experience in the

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