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PREMIERE | Mysterious Artist ilo ilo Delivers A Funky Indie Electronic Single “come over”

The enigmatic and sharply rising new artist ilo ilo is back at it with a killer new track. We first became aware of ilo ilo’s music back in May of this year when we received a mysterious package in the mail that contained a USB stick with their first single ever, “wait,” and we were instantly drawn to their vibe. Today the curious artist drops another single “come over,” and it’s got an amazing, funky groove that you have to hear.

We don’t know much about ilo ilo, but we do know that she or he (or they?) prefer to not do things by the book. Not only is their sound extremely unique, but their style and direction is as well. Take one glance at ilo ilo’s Instagram and you can tell that they have been working this technique for a while, and they’re clearly very talented.

So far ilo ilo has released four tracks, and we’re super into all of them. We can’t wait to see how they develop and progress, and what they’re going to do next.

Stream the new track “come over,” below, which we’re thrilled to premiere, and enjoy!

ilo ilo – come over 

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Snails Joins Forces With Wooli On Heavy New Bass-Packed Single “Snailephant”

It seems both Snails & Wooli have had a great deal of fun teasing this new monstrosity. Having joked about a Snail x Elephant project for quite some time, today the two have finally released their heavy new collaboration “Snailephant”.

With Wooli coming off his mammoth, well, Mammoth EP and Snails having just announced his SLIMEAGEDDON project on the way, the Snailephant duo couldn’t have chosen a better time to unleash this latest offering. Starting off with some slow ominous choral chants, the ancient Snailephant legend slowly unfolds, quickly whipping the track into an explosive dubstep drop filled with deep, guttural growls, shrill metallic screeches and powerful booming bass. Check out “Snailephant” below and catch Snails on his Shell 2.0 Tour in a city near you. Enjoy!

Snails & Wooli – Snailephant

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PREMIERE | Rising Artist OMNOM Teams Up With Steady Rock On Bumping New House EP

Ever since OMNOM pulled up to Dirtybird Records with his massive summer single “Fo Free,” the young Los Angeles producer has been making some serious waves in the house community. Today, OMNOM teams up with another rising artist, Steady Rock, for a thick new EP via Box Of Cats (which is partly run by house maestro Kyle Watson)

The EP contains two tracks, “On Sight” and “Trippin Hazard,” and both are two huge bangers that are crafted to slap the hell out of your speakers. It’s no secret that OMNOM and Steady Rock are heavily influenced by the new age Dirtybird style of house music, which focuses on heavier-than-normal bass and fun, trippy sounds. Box Of Cats, as a label, takes that sound to the next level, amplifying the quirkiness while maintaining a solid groove for the dancefloor.

Both these new tracks will certainly get you of your seat and dancing as soon as you hit you play. Stream both “On Sight” and “Trippin Hazard” below and enjoy!

OMNOM & Steady Rock – On Sight / Trippin Hazard

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Emmit Fenn Shines On Brilliant Rendition Of Coldplay’s “Yellow”

Emmit Fenn is definitely a name you need to know. This young, rising artist is on his way to stardom with a string of releases that are just getting better and better over time. Today, Emmit drops off an extremely smooth cover of Coldplay’s Yellow.”

“Yellow” is a somber classic that almost everybody knows, but Emmit Fenn breathes new life to the track with his delicate but powerful vocals and soft, satisfying melodies. The result is a brilliant rendition of the popular track that anyone can appreciate. Emmit may have started off as a producer of electronic music, but he’s proved to his listeners that he really can do it all.

It’s always a pleasure to watch an artist progress from their very beginnings and achieve success. We’ve been following Emmit Fenn for a while, and he’s definitely going places, quickly. Keep him on your radar, and stream his brand new track “Yellow” below. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – Yellow

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Enigmatic Hip-Hop Duo Darci Drop Infectious New R&B Song “Won’t”

Darci are back with the sauce. The rising hip-hop duo have been been on fire with their releases and have delivered once again with an infectious new song “Won’t.” The mysterious duo have impressed us time and time again with their signature sound and show no signs of slowing down.

While there’s little info out there on Darci, their music speaks for itself. “Won’t” showcases the moody, nocturnal production we’ve come to know them for as the vocals expertly blend rap & R&B throughout. This new track follows up their streak of singles we’ve had on repeat like “On My Own,” “Seeing Colors,” “These Nights,” “At Least” and more. Keep an eye on the rising duo and enjoy!

Darci – Won’t

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PREMIERE | Rising Artist Super Duper Shines On Irresistible, Dreamy New Song “Vessels To You”

Rising artist Super Duper is just killing it right now. It seems he can do no wrong and we can’t wait to see how he progresses from here. The talented producer has been on a hot streak lately as he returns with another infectious new song “Vessels To You” that we have the pleasure of premiering today. This follows up his recent single “Horizons” we premiered as he continues to show off his dreamy sound we can’t get enough of. 

“Something very spiritual happened when I started writing this song. The vocals were a complete accident…meant to select and play a synth pad and instead I played chords using a vocal chops sampler I created and it made the jumbled vocals you hear now…just hearing that one little piece got me really excited. Then the main lead melody on the chorus came about randomly when I was looking for more synth chords to lay down…I would have never selected this kind of synth sound but it fit the mood perfectly for some reason. The rest of the song came together effortlessly…all within 2 hours which might not seem like that much of a surprise since it’s a fairly simple song but there was no second guessing or hitting a wall. And once I exported the song I didn’t spend much more time on it at all. I wanted it to feel a bit raw and in-the-moment so it feels closer to its initial spark. Too much polish and editing might have made it something else so I left it as is and that’s what you hear now.” - Super Duper

Super Duper has a unique sound on each of his releases that showcase his knack for lush sound design paired with irresistible melodies and expertly placed vocal chops all coming together for an uplifting style we can’t get enough of. Super duper is on tours with Kasbo and Petite Biscuit this fall so be sure to catch him if you can. Keep an eye on Super Duper and enjoy!

Super Duper – Vessels To You

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Watch The First Episode Of Dillon Francis’ Hilarious New Show “Like and Subscribe”

Dillon Francis is definitely no stranger to comedy. With his numerous hilarious persona’s and constant stream of hilarious videos, it seems it was only a matter of time till the superstar DJ made his own show – and today the first episode of his new series “Like and Subscribe” is out!

Although we’ve seen Dillon make appearances in shows in the past (including his series “DJ World” & “What Would Diplo Do?”), he’s really taken things to the next level with this latest project. Having teamed up with Funny or Die, Dillon stars as Skyy Goldwynne, “the most powerful manager in Hollywood.” and his fictional escapades of locking a group of “influencers” in a house together, and filming it. With the first episode weighing in at over 20 minutes, it’s apparent that Dillon put some serious effort into this new undertaking, and we have to say, it’s f*ching hilarious. Check out the first episode “We’re All TV Stars Now” below and enjoy!

Like and Subscribe – Episode 1 

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Boys Noize Shares Debut Hourlong Mix Under New Alias ELAX

Enigmatic producer Boys Noize has always kept a low profile when it comes to projects. Having gone by numerous names over the years including as Dog Blood with Skrillex, today the German electro veteran has just shared the first ever mix under his new alias ELAX.

Over the years we’ve seen a great deal of artists bring back or branch out to new projects. As we recently saw this with deamau5’ Testpilot & Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self, although considered somewhat a bold move, it’s always exciting to see what comes of the switch-up.

With Boys Noize having dropped his first track as ELAX only a few months ago, we’re finding this latest house/tech-fusion mix, while at the same time reminiscent of the unique sound we’ve come to know and love from Boys Noize, perfectly blurs the lines between retro, minimal 4/4 structures and gritty, thumping electro. As Boys Noise gears up to embark on Destructo’s new All My Friends Friendship Festival cruise as both himself and ELAX, make sure to keep an eye out for more to come from the new alias. Stream the mix below and enjoy!

The Friendship Mix Series #6: ELAX

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Brasstracks & Pell Connect On Soulful New Hip-Hop Collab “Vibrant”

Brasstracks and Pell are favorites of ours and just proved to be a perfect combo with each other. With Pell always finding a way to bring the soul, it makes sense these two would join forces for a release together on their new song “Vibrant.”

“Vibrant marks the beginning of a new chapter for us. We always wanted to make a song with Pell, the guy can do everything. So we sent him this Timbaland inspired, bass heavy joint laden with our signature live horns and drums. And this is how it turned out. We hope you enjoy Vibrant, featuring Pell. – Brasstracks

This new track is the first single off Brasstracks forthcoming project and serves as the name of Brasstracks next tour kicking off in January. Brasstracks bring their signature soulful horns, but switch things up on production going more hip-hop / R&B than some of their previous production incorporating some electronic influences. Check out the new collab below and enjoy!

Brasstracks – Vibrant (Ft. Pell)

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Kasbo’s Magical Song “About You” Receives Refreshing, Chill New Remix From Billboard

Earlier this year, Kasbo released his must hear debut album Places We Don’t Know that we’ve had on repeat ever since. Today we have a gem of a remix of his song “About You” from rising artist Billboard bringing new life into the single. 

We recently heard this remix appear on Kasbo’s latest Cry/Dance mix and we’ve been waiting for the release. Now it’s here in full and sounding just as great as we could’ve imagined. Kasbo’s music already has a sort of magical, nostalgic quality about it and Billboard brings out the best with this remix highlighting Kasbo’s incredible melodies while incorporating his own production in the best way. Kasbo is in the midst of his Places We Don’t Know: Part 2 tour, see dates below and enjoy!

Kasbo – About You (Billboard Remix)

Tue 11.13 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theatre #
Wed 11.14 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s #
Thu 11.15 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick #
Fri 11.16 – Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom #
Sat 11.17 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues # *
Sun 11.18 – Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe # *
Tue 11.20 – St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House # *
Wed 11.21 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown # *
Fri 11.23 – Kansas City, MO @ Truman # *
Sun 11.25 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre # *
Tue 11.27 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Soundwell # *
Thu 11.29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda # *
Fri 11.30 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine # – early show
Fri 11.30 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine # – SOLD OUT
Sun 12.02 – San Diego, CA @ Music Box #
Sat 1.05 – Cape Canaveral, FL @ Holy Ship!

* ford.

EU / UK 2019 TOUR

Wed 1.23 – Amsterdam, NL @ AFAS Live
Thu 1.24 – London, ENG @ O2 Academy Brixton
Fri 1.25 – Paris, FR @ Le Zenith
Sat 1.26 – Brussels, BE @ Ancienne Belgium
Mon 1.28 – Oslo, NO @ Rockefeller Music Hall
Tue 1.29 – Stockholm, SE @ Berns
Fri 2.01 – Hamburg, DE @ Docks
Sat 2.02 – Berlin, DE @ Verti Music Hall
3.13-3.16 – Riviera Maya, MEX @ SUNDARA  

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Rezz Confirms That “Rezz Rocks” Will Be An Annual Event

It looks like there will be a longstanding relationship between one of the most beloved electronic artists in the U.S. and one of the most beloved venues in the U.S. Rezz has officially announced via Twitter that her performance at Red Rocks will be an annual reoccurrence

Fans who were at her show this year know that her sold out Red Rocks debut was one of the best concerts at the historic venue all season. Now, knowing how loyal “The Cult of Rezz” is, Rezz Rocks will certainly be a flagship event for her fans for years to come. 

Those who attended Rezz Rocks this year were faced with brutally cold weather, to the point where Rezz was forced to end her show at an earlier time than scheduled (although she did play a full set). Many of those fans must be thrilled to hear that she’ll be coming back for another round. This time, hopefully with better weather.

If Rezz Rocks 2019 sells out at the same rate this year’s did, we wouldn’t be surprised if they handed her a two night event! But we’ll just have to wait and see on that. 

Check out her full performance from this year below. Enjoy!

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Watch Illenium Drop Heavy, Unreleased Remix Of Halsey’s “Without Me”

Illenium always seems to have something up his sleeve. Having just started teasing a new VIP version of his Flume “Say It” remix, it seems the Denver-based artist now has a heavy new flip of Halsey’s “Without Me” in the works.

Considering Halsey’s latest track came out just over a month ago, and with Illenium having just dropped a new single with Call Me Karizma and set to start his Awake 2.0 Tour this month, the turnaround on this latest offering is incredible. Via what we’ve heard from this fan recorded video (shout out reddit user andz54332 for the capture), although Illenium’s kept the LA-based singer’s vocals intact, the entirety of the songs production has been stripped down and replaced with slow, pulsing synths, warbling guitar and booming drums. As he states that EDC Orlando is the first time he’s played this remix out, it may be some time before a full version sees the light of day, but for now check out the video below below and enjoy

Halsey – Without Me (Illenium Remix)

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Kanye West & Kid Cudi’s Official Debut Performance As Kids See Ghosts Was Legendary

Last night history was made. Kanye West and Kid Cudi had their official debut live performance as Kids See Ghosts at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival in LA and it was everything I could’ve hoped for. 

When Kanye returned to Twitter earlier this year to reveal he had multiple new albums on the way including a new collab project with Kid Cudi, many fans couldn’t contain their excitement. The fact the project even existed was epic news on it’s own its own and the music held up to the high expectations, being one of the best projects Kanye released all year.

When the official debut KSG performance was first announced for the festival I decided I had to go check it out. However, leading up to Camp Flog Gnaw, there were various events that happened making it seem as if the highly anticipated headliner set from Kids See Ghosts might not actually happen.

Kanye was caught up in political controversy and then said he was going to Africa to record an album he planned to release a couple weeks after this KSG debut show. This caused me to believe there was a chance he might not make it. Then, just days before the show, they were filming Kanye’s music video with Tekashi 6ix9ine when there were gunshots fired causing Kanye to flee the scene. This happened while Kanye, Kim and his family were on mandatory evacuation from the Los Angeles wildfire that Kim reported to have reached their property and was in danger of destroying their home. It was one thing after the other and at this point I was worried if Kanye would be able to make it for his performance or if something would interfere.

I was not confident a Kids See Ghosts show was a sure thing at the festival. However, Kanye then posted a picture of the the stage setup for the festival to reassure it was still happening. The entire weekend there were fans waiting in some of the longest lines I’ve ever seen for hours to get Kids See Ghosts merchandise as it seemed everyone there, including myself, was waiting for the same thing.

Brockhampton played the other stage right before KSG but their set was cut short due to the crowd being too intense pushing forward and starting to crush people up front. Someone from the festival had to repeatedly ask people to move back to relieve pressure on the crowd and they were not able to let Brockhampton continue due to the safety concerns.

The entire Brockhampton crowd proceeded to migrated to the main stage for Kanye and Cudi’s incredibly anticipated new joint live show with the hype at an all time high. Then the same thing happened. Someone got on the microphone asking the crowd to all take 10 steps back and calm down if the show were to continue. They repeated the request for a while as I waited unsure if Kids See Ghost was going to be able to happen. At this point I was worried they were going to call the show off.

After a while, a horizontal clear box came out of nowhere and was hanging in the middle of the stage with Cudi and Kanye inside as they seemingly just appeared to start their set. Kanye has been known to boast some insane stage setups in the past like his massive production alongside Jay Z on their Watch The Throne tour as well as his floating, moving stage on the Saint Pablo tour. This time around the two were suspended in the air in what looked like a clear shipping container with their silhouettes highlighted in front of the massive LED screen showing the Kids See Ghost album artwork. 

They kicked off the set with Kanye’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” before moving into a spree of of Kids See Ghosts songs including “Fee the Love,” “Fire,” “4th Dimension,” “Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2”, “Reborn,” “Kids See Ghosts” and “Cudi Montage.” From there they moved into older songs like Kanye’s “Welcome to Heartbeak” & “Paranoid” off 808s & Heartbreaks as well as Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” before closing the set with their “Ghost Town” collab. Both artists sounded incredible with the two effortlessly playing off each other even harmonizing at times during the performance, showing an undeniable chemistry. The crowd was one of the most hyped I’ve ever seen and so was Kanye, dancing and jumping wildly around the floating container. 

There was surprisingly no Kanye rant with them getting straight to the music and squeezing the most out of their set time for a performance that couldn’t have gone any better. After being skeptical they would actually be able to perform, I was able to see the legendary performance firsthand and was mind blown at how great it was.

Kids See Ghosts live was as was epic as I could have imagined as I’m hoping these two are able to do more KSG sets down the road. Check out some fan videos and clips of the stream below. Enjoy!

  Photo: @campfloggnaw via Twitter

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Ekali Airs Special Nostalgic Fourth Edition Of His Awakening Radio Show

Who doesn’t love diving into a bit of nostalgia? We do, and especially when it comes to music. One of our favorite artists, Ekali, is going to help us make that dive with the newest episode of his Awakening Radio show, which recently aired on Sirius XM.

This is the fourth installment of Ekali’s radio show, and this one is a special edition, taking us back to the music that inspired Ekali to become a producer in the first place. The mix mostly contains throwback tracks from 2013 and 2014 from a slew of familiar names such as Mr. Carmack, RL Grime, Lunice, Sam Gellaitry, and many more. Ekali then concludes the set with some of the first tracks he ever made: his collaborations with aywy.

There isn’t any new music in this episode of Awakening, however it feels good to dust off some tracks that we may have forgotten about. Stream the episode below via MixCloud and enjoy!

Ekali - Awakening Radio 004

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Tourist Delivers Beautiful, Chill New Downtempo Song “Someone Else”

Anytime Tourist releases new music, the TSIS camp is in high spirits. The London-based producer recently released his single “Apollo”, which was his first original release since the celebrated 2017 ‘Wash’ EP. Now today, Tourist delivered a stunning follow-up single titled “Someone Else”.

In typical Tourist fashion, the release is artistically compelling and emotionally moving. The track gradually introduces itself with angelic synths and delicate plucks, and eventually gains momentum with irresistible keys and faint percussion. “Someone Else” is yet another impressive release from Tourist which also comes paired with a global tour announcement – check out the dates below. Enjoy!

Tourist – Someone Else

Fri 11.16 – London, UK @ Late Night Tales (DJ set)
Wed 2.20 – Boston, MA @ Sonia
Thu 2.21 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
Sat 2.23 – Brooklyn, NY @ King’s Hall
Tue 2.26 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Sat 3.9 – Sydney, AUS @ Days Like This Festival
Sun 3.10 – Victoria, AUS @ Pitch Music & Arts Festival
Sat 3.16 – Singapore, MY @ Kilo Lounge
Fri 3.22 – Dublin, IE @ Academy Green Room
Sat 3.23 – Manchester, UK @ YES
Wed 3.27 – Bristol, UK @ Thekla
Thu 3.28 – London, UK @ EartH Hackney

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Malaa Returns With Heavy New House Project ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2′

Get ready to feast, Malaa’s new mixtape is here. It’s been a smooth and steady rollout (that dates back to earlier this summer) for the masked house producer, dropping singles along the way such as “We Get Crunk,” “Cash Money,” and “Bling Bling.” Today Malaa drops Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2 via Tchami’s CONFESSION label, and it’s stacked with talent, including two brand new tracks from himself.

The mixtape, besides the bangers from Malaa, features a handful of rising house artists like Dillon Nathaniel, Lucati, Matroda, and more. The whole project measures out to be 11 tracks long, ranging from bass house to tech house. Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2 will be more than enough to keep you grooving all weekend.

Stream Malaa’s new mixtape below and enjoy!

Malaa – Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2

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Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland Share Snippet Of Heavy New Collab [WATCH]

Although ID season may already have come to an end, we’re always on the lookout for unreleased bangers – and today we’ve come across another, as Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland just shared a snippet of their heavy new collab.  

After taking to Instagram to share that the two we’re “expecting (a collab)”, we’ve been wondering what the two superstar producers have had in the works for quite some time, and today we’ve finally received an answer. Having invited Alison Wonderland out during his set at EDC Orlando to drop the new collab, although the two are still currently working on the track, even the work-in-progress is sounding like a monster. Featuring AW’s distinctive vocals, skittering percussion and abrasive, booming bass, although they played just over a minute of the ID, we’re definitely looking forward to the finished product. Check out the unreleased collab below and enjoy!

Dillon Francis x Alison Wonderland – ID

I told u we were working on something special…. @awonderland pic.twitter.com/ZHe7POs4Fx

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) November 10, 2018

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Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland Share Snippet Of Heavy New Collab [WATCH]

Although ID season may already have come to an end, we’re always on the lookout for unreleased bangers – and today we’ve come across another, as Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland just shared a snippet of their heavy new collab.  

After taking to Instagram to share that the two we’re “expecting (a collab)”, we’ve been wondering what the two superstar producers have had in the works for quite some time, and today we’ve finally received an answer. Having invited Alison Wonderland out during his set at EDC Orlando to drop the new collab, although the two are still currently working on the track, even the work-in-progress is sounding like a monster. Featuring AW’s distinctive vocals, skittering percussion and abrasive, booming bass, although they played just over a minute of the ID, we’re definitely looking forward to the finished product. Check out the unreleased collab below and enjoy!

Dillon Francis x Alison Wonderland – ID

I told u we were working on something special…. @awonderland pic.twitter.com/ZHe7POs4Fx

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) November 10, 2018

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Watch REZZ Drop Gritty Unreleased Remix Of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity”

A few days ago when REZZ announced she was remixing a track off of Porter Robinson’s Worlds we were absolutely pumped. Although we thought we would have to wait for a bit to hear the track, today we’ve received a first listen to “Divinity” (REZZ Remix).

Having confirmed that she was remixing track one off Worlds only days ago, we have a dedicated Montreal-based fan to thank for this latest capture of REZZ dropping the new remix for the first time. Having kept the lead melody and Amy Millan’s whispy vocals intact, REZZ has effectively flipped “Divinity” on it’s head, adding in her own dark, gritty sound design to this experimental/future bas hybrid. Check out the remix below and enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Divinity (REZZ Remix)

video: @zGNTX

photo: @joshskolnikphotos

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Hotel Garuda Shares Lush New House Groove “One Reason” (feat. Imad Royal & Kiah Victoria)

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Hotel Garuda. After announcing that the longtime friends would be splitting up just prior to their performance at Electric Forest, Candle Weather (Aseem Mangaokar) turned from half to whole and took on HG’s future by himself. And today Aseem has teamed up with Imad Royal & Kiah Victoria to share his first single as HG – “One Reason

“It’s about the feeling of wanting to stay together no matter what, and wanting to find a way to work it out regardless of your obstacles.” – Hotel Garuda

Having just come off an incredible collab with RUNN and a refreshing remix of Louis The Child’s “Better Not”, this latest offering is sounding extra-groovy. Driven by a thumping 4/4 kick “One Reason” combines HG’s upbeat house sound we’ve come to know and love with slow, melancholic vocals from New York-based singer Kiah Victoria and DC-based artist Imad Royal (which seems to be a dream collab for Aseem). We can’t wait to see what the future will be like for Hotel Garuda going forward. Check out “One Reason” below and enjoy!

Hotel Garuda – One Reason (feat. Imad Royal & Kiah Victoria)

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