The Gaslamp Killer sues for defamation in aftermath of sexual assault allegations

In the aftermath of the published reports of sexual assault allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein — now known as the “Weinstein effect” — accusations href="" >arose that William Bensussen, best known as  href="" >The Gaslamp Killer, had drugged and raped two women in 2013.

Chelsea Tadros shared a statement via href="" >Twitter that detailed her experience of meeting Bensussen at a rooftop party in L.A. with her friend RaeAn Medina. Tadros shared that the producer proceeded to drug them, rape them, and then later returned them to the front of the hotel. Bensussen went on to  href="" >deny the allegations soon after.

Now, href="" >TMZ reports that Bensussen is reportedly suing Tadros, Medina, and Tadros’ boyfriend for $5 million in damages and for defamation. Pitchfork has also obtained the complaint, which reportedly details the allegations as “malicious and fabricated” and refers to the sexual encounter as “consensual.”

Two alleged witnesses are reportedly cited in the document —“Christopher S.” and “Peter R.” — who include that Bensussen did not in fact “spike, tamper with, or put anything in the drinks.” The two men also include that the women approached Bensussen initially and that the women were, “under their own power and did not appear incapacitated.”

While further details remain to unfold, in the meantime, The Gaslamp Killer has been dropped from his longtime residency with href="" >Low End Theory and had his forthcoming href="" >Australian tour canceled.

H/T: href="" >Pitchfork | Source: href="" >TMZ

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