Sydney’s getting an insane new warehouse venue as a part of ‘The Warehouse Collective’ music series

Time to head down under, as Sydney, Australia is set to welcome a vast new warehouse space.

Set to open in Technology Park, the venue is part of an upcoming music series entitled  href="" >The Warehouse Collective, a project created by the Sydney-based event organization The Division Agency, the mastermind behind events like Days Like This festival and the Goodbar events.

The new space comes on the heels of a questionable future for Sydney’s nightlife. Introduced in 2014, the city’s infamous href="" > lockout laws forced a 1:30 a.m. lockout at all clubs and 3 a.m. cease-service policy for all nightclubs and bars in central Sydney and the Kings Cross precinct.

Numerous lockout-law opposition groups have propped up in the city over the last three years, with artists following in their footsteps, offering their  href="" >support. Nightlife regulators, ones like the Division Agency, still manage to further the musical endeavors in a city. They’re calling The Warehouse Collective “a warehouse experience on a scale never before seen in Sydney”.

And while the group is an innovator of all things house and techno, their new warehouse space will surely see out a series of huge lineups, pristine sound and lighting, and serve up unforgettable experiences.

The first of the events will take place Dec. 16 and will be headlined by the legendary Australian duo href="" >The Presets, featuring a formidable cast of support acts including href="" >Bag Raiders (live), href="" >Kilter, href="" >Nyxen, and LUCY CLICHE (live).

Tickets and more information are available href="" >here.

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Photo Credit: href="" >TheWarehouseCollective/Facebook

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