Balkan Bump Releases Debut Single With Gramatik & Talib Kweli

The intersection between electronic music and live instrumentation is gaining influence at an exponential rate. Trumpet-centric project Brasstracks have won a Grammy for their influential work with Chance The Rapper; Alexander Lewis is proving himself legendary as a live performer with his trombone-laden heavy trap productions; and numerous artists including Crywolf and San Holo have moved away from strictly-electronic production in favor of incorporating their own vocals and live instruments. But still, these multidisciplinary musicians are a growing minority, leaving room for an impending movement of instrument-wielding producers.

The newest artist who is quickly filling this role is Balkan Bump, a trumpet player, producer and ethnomusicologist who has stormed onto the scene with a debut collaborative single alongside legendary artists Gramatik and Talib Kweli. The debut single “Aymo”, meaning “Let’s Go” in Gramatik’s native Yugoslavian language, blends Balkan Bump’s background in world music, live horn prowess and bassy production with Gramatik’s familiar production touches and cultural influence from his native Slovenia. The resulting tune is a powerhouse of an electronic track, laying a formidable groundwork for Talib’s dark accompanying verses. “Aymo” is one of the most sincerely energetic tracks of the year, simultaneously adding another hit to Gramatik’s and Kweli’s respective repertoires while cementing Balkan Bump as a serious artist to watch over the coming year. Balkan Bump’s debut EP will be coming out over the next few months via Gramatik’s Lowtemp label, and features the same dark beats and blazing horn-lines that we’re already loving in “Aymo”.

Gramatik & Balkan Bump – Aymo Feat. Talib Kweli | Stream/Buy


Balkan Bump

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‘Balkan Bump Releases Debut Single With Gramatik & Talib Kweli

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