MYRNE Talks First US Tour, Creative Process, Next EP and more + Contest Giveaway

Singapore based producer MYRNE has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  In the past two years, he’s become Mad Decent’s first signee based in Asia, released a steady stream of innovative originals and forward thinking collabs with some of the hottest producers in today’s music scene and is now about to embark on his first US/Canada tour.  With no signs of slowing down, we caught up with MYRNE to discuss his tour, creative process, next EP and so much more.

Enjoy our interview and enter to win two tickets to see MYRNE, Mikos Da Gawd and Mielo at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on October 20 below.

Hello, it’s a pleasure to get the chance to catch up with you. I’ve been a fan since “Architect” came out.  In a few days, you’ll be starting your first US tour.  Are you nervous?    

Thank you! For someone who’s lived his life exclusively outside the US, I’m very excited. I’ve only seen the energy of US crowds through the videos of my friends, so I’m here to see it with my own eyes.

What can fans expect from your show?  Will you be incorporating any live instrumentation into your set?

I’m definitely having a ton of guests, from my collaborators to the voices in my songs – it’ll primarily be a dj set full of my own music, tunes from my friends and a lifetime of experience performing in Asia.

KRANE x MYRNE- Monarch | Stream

Though you are based in Singapore, your music has garnered a world wide following.  What are some of the differences that you’ve noticed between the Asia music scene and the global dance scene? 

Any economically-driven city would primarily have their priorities set on work, and Singapore’s a textbook example. We’re so impassioned with our careers that it’s hard to keep an ear to the ground looking for cool music, so consumption of good music is always relegated to the youth (that don’t spend any money at venues.) As a result, a lot of Asia’s music scene caters primarily to big spenders with just a surface knowledge of music.
Are there any artists that come to mind who could use some love and more exposure in the mainstream electronic music world?
Rome in Silver, Grant, Marcioz, Lophille, and everyone on the Sola roster are just some names that have been pushing boundaries and making some very innovative stuff!

Last week you shared on Twitter that you were listening to demos that you wrote last year and mentioned that “they sound like nothing out now today.”  What can you tell us about those demos?  What do they sound like and will any of them see the light of day?

They were written at the point of saturation of typical ‘future’ electronic music, so I was writing with just the intent of having them sound as weird as possible. They’re with a lot of friends of mine, plus a lot of them will be on the next EP ”</p

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