Halogen – Kid Again ft Molly Moore

href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/halogen" >Halogen‘s Alex Dunsker and Josh Taylor have made quite a name for themselves as rising performers in the electronic realm. The duo met in 2013 and, with a mutually shared love for music, the two have since shared the stage with an impressive assemblage of world-renowned acts such as  href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/dada-life" >Dada Life, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/borgeous" >Borgeous, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/seven-lions" >Seven Lions, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/feed-me" >Feed Me, and href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/cash-cash" >Cash Cash. Indeed, Halogen’s soulfully executed house is a breath of fresh air in itself.

After a series of remixes— including spins on  href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/alesso">Alesso’s “I Wanna Know”, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/krewella" >Krewella’s “Can’t Forget You” and href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/disco-fries" >Disco Fries’ “Born Ready” — the group is back with a new original tune “Kid Again.”

The new track lives up to the their previous work, with heavy emphasis placed on Molly Moore’s breathtaking, soulful vocals throught. A New York native who’s written and performed with the likes of href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/felix-cartel">Felix Cartel, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/dubvision">Dubvision, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/dyro">Dyro and many more, it’s likely we’ll see much more of Moore in the near future — and Halogen as well.

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