Dirtybird collective announces brand new East Coast Campout slated for February

East Coast href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/dirtybird/">Dirtybird label enthusiasts have a reason to be pretty ‘flocking’ excited.

The collective will host its annual Dirtybird Campout event in Bradley, California this weekend, offering all birds in attendance a weekend of tech house hustles and activities that shoot them right back to their childhoods. If the saying that the ‘early bird gets the worm’ applies, that worm would be a particularly interesting announcement for East Coast birds, scavenged by the campers already on the West Coast scene.

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Campers found flyers posted around the Dirtybird Campout grounds advertising an East Coast Campout event scheduled for February 2-4th of 2018. The flyer revealed only the name and the date of the upcoming occasion, leaving ticket and lineup information to be disclosed at a later time.

The location of the East Coast Campout has since been confirmed via Twitter to be Florida.

H/T:  href="https://edmidentity.com/2017/10/06/dirtybird-campout-east-coast-festival/">EDM ID


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