10 acts not to miss at Oasis Festival


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10 acts not to miss at Oasis Festival


Summer may be setting in the rear view mirror, but there is still time for one last hurrah before trading your tank-tops for leather jackets. Oasis promises to be the summer closing festival of your techno laden dreams – with gorgeous scenery and a top tier lineup to boot. With that in mind, here are our top picks for artists not-to-miss.


You can also purchase last-minute tickets href="http://theoasisfest.com/tickets/">here.


Feature Photo Credit: Lahcen Millal


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Kenny Glasgow


Oasis opens up with a pre-party lineup as stellar as the festival weekend itself. Look no further than Kenny Glasgow who will provide an amazing cross-section of eclectic styles to get the party started. Glasgow is one of North America’s best techno exports. Throw in the fact that he’ll be playing alongside My Favorite Robot, and you’ve got a surefire win.

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Speaking of amazing party acts, Solomun is definitely a reason not to get to bed early before the festival officially begins. Fresh off another incredibly successful summer with his famous “Solomun+1” residency in Ibiza, Solomun is sure to take Oasis attendees on a journey. Oh yeah, and a four hour extended set is nothing to bat an eye at.


Photo Credit: Elephant Studio

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As the dance floor fills up on weekend Day 1, make sure to get there in time to see KiNK. The tenacious live act is sure to tear up the afternoon sun with his signature mix of house, techno and breakbeat.


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Richie Hawtin


A man who needs no introduction, Richie Hawtin is closing out Friday night. Oasis go-ers will be treated to an onslaught of minimal techno by one of the world’s foremost producers, DJs and label heads. Fresh off a prolific summer of touring, and debuting his new CLOSE show, Hawtin’s set promises to be one of the best of the weekend.


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Matt Medved


Our New-York based friend Matt Medved plays earlier on Day 2 of the weekend.“Shaman House” aficionado, Medved, can promise a set to get you off your feet with a selection of tracks you’ve likely never heard. Get your Shazam ready, he may be earlier on the lineup, but his set is definitely worth skipping brunch.

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DJ Stingray


When techno heads think of a “masked DJ” – only one name comes to mind – Detroit’s DJ Stingray. The mysterious Sherard Ingram bridges the gap between the classic Detroit sound and Euro electro with a sound that’s sure to excite. His skill behind the decks is nearly unmatched and Oasis provides an amazing opportunity for fans to get a lesson in music from a true talent.

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Maceo Plex


Over the last few years, it’s impossible to attend a tech-house event and not hear a thumping Maceo Plex track bump over the speakers, regardless of who’s in the DJ booth. Keep in mind that Eric Estornel (Maceo) just put out his first track in years under his darker moniker, Maetrik indicating (we hope!) a darker set than we’ve seen recently. Consider us very excited.


Photo Credit: Elephant Studio

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Black Rose


This one is special. When Henrik Schwarz and Jesse Rose combine forces to play as Black Rose, missing the set is simply not an option. The deep house genius of Schwarz paired with the diverse talent of Rose will combine for a rare and unmistakably vibey set.

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Anja Schneider


One of the most consistently awesome DJs in the game, Schneider hits Oasis after a busy summer touring the international festival circuit right before she dives into a massive fall. Her first solo album, “SoMe” comes out soon on Schneider’s new creative project Sous Music, so we’re hoping to hear a glimpse of what’s to come for this fan favorite.


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Nicolas Jaar


There’s literally no better way to close a festival. Musical mastermind Nicolas Jaar’s headlining set on Oasis’ last day will no doubt take attendees off the beaten path. Jaar’s experimental live sets are famous for featuring a multitude of instruments and musical styles. Frankly we have no idea where this set will take us, but we’re so excited to find out.



Words by Andrew J. Rauner

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