Mr. Carmack rings in 300k SoundCloud followers with saucy ‘Bodak Yellow’ remix

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href="" >Mr. Carmack is officially fronting the convergence of hip hop and dance music after the release of his latest remix. In his progressively playful fashion, the artist’s gone above and beyond for the kids this time around. After reaching a major href="" >SoundCloud milestone, 300,000 followers, Mr. Carmack, with some help from href="" >Promnite, dropped an alluring remix of Cardi B’s gold-certified smash hit “Bodak Yellow.” Complete with a continuation of this year’s beloved use of the flute in hip-hop music, the artist’s even thrown in a floaty flute loop.

The track may begin with a merely lowered pitch of the original, but even before it hits the halfway point Mr. Carmack serves up a tasty bass line. As if the track didn’t already slap before, Mr. Carmack’s take on the original is rich in his signature kits and glitches certainly gives Cardi B a run for her money.

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