Redman & Jayceeoh combine for 1000volts, deliver exclusive Firepower mix

The high powered duo known as href="" >1000volts is the unholy union of rap legend href="" >Redman and dubstep behemoth href="" >Jayceeoh. Although these two artists definitely hail from very different backgrounds, the pair has come together to etch out a unique place for themselves in the world of electronic music.

Back in 2015 Redman linked up with Jayceeoh on his smash single “Turn Me Up Some,” and after spending extended studio time together, the duo concocted the 1000volts project. Now, 1000volts is ready to make a statement with a vicious half hour Firepower Mix. Check out the full mix below as well as the video for ‘Monster’, 1000volts’ mental collaboration with href="" >Datsik.

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