Disco Fries go back to their roots with new Rita Ora remix

New York City-based duo href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/disco-fries/" >Disco Fries has been on a roll this summer, releasing new singles almost every month and collaborating with brilliant vocalists/producers such as Great Good Fine OK and Jared Lee. Their production style has definitely changed over the years, as Nick and Danny have taken their sound in a new direction with a more upbeat electronic, pop-y vibe.

However, they have gone right back to their roots with a remix of href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/rita-ora/" >Rita Ora‘s hit 2017 single “Your Song.” It has been a while since they’ve released a remix (as they mentioned in their description of the track on SoundCloud) and being that their career kicked off by remixing hit, top 40 music, they definitely put a positive spin on the original. They add chord progressions/piano riffs to the verses to compliment the beauty of Rita Ora’s voice and build it up to the drop in a way that sounds effortless. The drop doesn’t hit too hard, but hits just enough to get the crowd moving, as the high-pitched lead synths and bass guitar combo give the song a funky, house vibe.

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