Sinego releases remix of Axel Muñiz & Alexandra Stan’s ‘Siempre Tú’

After releasing a few of his brilliantly produced tracks like “ href="" >Free” and “ href="" >Travelers,”  href="" >Sinego has put out his remix of href="ñiz" >Axel Muñiz and href="" >Alexandra Stan‘s “Siempre Tú” on href="" >Warner Music. He’s among one of the emerging artists working to fuse Latin music with the electronic music scene. With the smashing success of href="" >Luis Fonsi, href="" >Daddy Yankee and href="" >Justin Bieber‘s “Despacito,” Latin music is slowly peeking its head into the dance music scene, and Sinego is riding as one of the leading producers behind this growing trend.

Sinego is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer who dabbles in a plethora of electronic genres, but he doesn’t conform his talents to just one. His productions lean toward deep house and have reached an impressive 3 million streams on major music streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. In the short period of one year, Sinego has racked up an exemplary discography that includes releases on the industry’s most profound labels, including href="" >Miami Beats, href="" >Atlast Media, href="" >Artist Intelligence Agency, href="" >Sicario Music, href="" >Archipelago Entertainment and Warner Music. Sinego continues to produce viral hits that amass millions of streams and will conquer the charts with pop-infused electronic tunes.

The producers behind “Siempre Tú” are Nico Stadi (Justin Bieber) and Mike Green ( href="" >Gwen Stefani, href="" >All Time Low). Together, they make a dynamic duo, and Sinego is taking the production by storm by blending the Latin and electronic music elements even further.

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