Diplo Gives His Two Cents On Jack U And More In a Recent Interview

Diplo held back nothing in his recent interview with GQ, revealing upcoming projects, how he has been trying to work with Rihanna for a while now, and his thoughts on Jack U, indirectly speaking to its future. In the article, Diplo had this to say about his project with Skrillex.

“Jack Ü was awesome, but it was very young. I want to do something that feels more my age,”

Continuing on that note, Diplo discussed his excitement working with British producer Mark Ronson on what he describes to be a project more aligned with disco music.

“You know the album I did with Skrillex, Jack Ü? Me and Mark are trying to do something with disco music…I feel like me and Mark can do something more sophisticated.”

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Jack U is done for, but I’m sure it will be put on hiatus for a while. However, it probably also explains why Skrillex is working quite extensively with Boys Noize on new music for Dog Blood.

Although there are many juicy bits in the article, such as what Diplo thinks of EDM culture. One of the best parts of this article in my opinion, however, was what Diplo had to say about his upcoming tour in Africa:

“Coachella, Vegas, all those things are gonna be there… Touring Africa is something you have to work towards. That’s why I became a DJ. That’s why I even wanted to make music, so I could do things like go to Africa and perform. I’d rather invest in experiences like this, rather than putting it back into my own ego.”

I highly recommend reading the full interview that GQ did with Diplo as it is insightful and gives a glimpse of what lies in store for one of the most looked up to figures in the electronic music world. Also, there is a lot of cool swag that he is wearing that you might want to scoop for yourself.


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‘Diplo Gives His Two Cents On Jack U And More In a Recent Interview

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