[UPDATED] Bjarki lands in hot water amid transphobic comments by his record label

UPDATE (July 18, 9:48 PM PDT): /> Bjarki’s ex-label partner, Johnny Chrome Silver, has released a statement claiming responsibility for the comment addressed in the below story. In his response, Bjarki announces that Chrome Silver has been removed from the record label in every capacity and expresses support for the transgendered community. Read the full statements href="http://dancingastronaut.com/2017/07/bjarki-responds-ex-partners-transphobic-remarks-will-continue-support-artists-discrimination/">here.

The dance community prides itself on being a place where people are free to express themselves sans judgement. Beyond that, however, is its emphasis on inclusivity. Therefore, when these two essential foundations of the community collide, the latter ultimately takes precedence.

Unfortunately, prejudice against the LGBTQ community continues to run rampant across the globe, and thus, close-minded people still manage to infiltrate into electronic’s goodness from time-to-time. Icelandic techno DJ Bjarki now follows Ten Walls, Konstantin, and others who’ve found themselves embroiled in controversy over comments made against fellow humans who have no affect on their own personal lives.

When Resident Advisor posted a clip of trans DJ Octo Octa playing out her RA Sessions set, Bjarki’s record label bbbbbb in particular stood out among the array of transphobic comments posted: “Better to make it as a DJ to be a she than a he. She-man!” Word remains as to whether or not he was the one who actually posted the comment, or someone else he works with at the label, and the artist and his team have yet to make a statement. Promoters in New York, Washington, and LA are moving to cancel his upcoming gigs.

One key takeaway from this new controversy to note is that the dance music scene took off in the first place mainly because of grass-root participation from the LBGTQ and minority communities – equality lies at its core. Instances like this might make many feel ashamed the continued prevalence of such baseless hate in today’s climate, but at the same time, also shed light on the importance of keeping aware and diligent in efforts to combat it.


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Dancing Astronaut has reached out to Bjarki’s representation for comment, and will provide further information when it is available.

H/T: href="http://mixmag.net/read/bjarkis-label-posts-transphobic-comment-on-video-of-octo-octa-news"> Mixmag


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