Nightclub shooting in Arkansas leaves at least 28 wounded

Early Saturday morning, July 1, a shooting at Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock, Arkansas left 28 people injured, Associated Press reports. At press time, no arrests have been made in the aftermath of the attack, which Little Rock Police believe to be the work of multiple suspects.

Transpiring at an event for an artist named Finese 2Tymes, Associated Press describes the shooting as occurring swiftly: “About a half-minute into a break in the raucous concert, several bursts of gunfire rang out. More than 24 shots were fired in an 11-second period.”

Authorities believe that the shooting appears to “be the result of a dispute among clubgoers and was not terror-related.” All victims injured in the attack are expected to survive:

class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"> dir="ltr" lang="en"> href="">#UPDATE 28 injured in the W 6th Street Shooting, 25 from GSW’s and 3 from unrelated injuries. At this time, ALL are expected to survive.

— Little Rock Police (@LRpolice) href="">July 1, 2017

Power Ultra Lounge’s license has been suspended. The venue will undergo a hearing on the matter on July 10.

Via: href="">Associated Press

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