3LAU and Audien team up for new single, ‘Hot Water’

Long-time friends and B2B enthusiasts href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/3lau/">3LAU and href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/tag/audien/">Audien have teamed up for their newest release, “Hot Water.”   href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/victoria-zaro/">Victoria Zaro provides the vocals which are the central focus of the drop, complementing its catchy repetition and deep bass-line. The track has been teased via both of the producer’s social media accounts, and Audien commented on their collaboration saying, “There’s something about collaborating with a friend that encourages risk-taking, dares you to dig deeper sonically, and reminds you of why you make music for a living.”

3LAU also commented on their exploration of various genres in order to create the song:

style="color: #000000;">“Audien & I wanted to make a song that stayed true to our euphoric roots, but that explored a mixture of genres. We wanted to create something that people wouldn’t expect; the result was this dark cathartic landscape of sound that I couldn’t be more proud of!”

href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/edc-las-vegas/">EDC Vegas festival goers will have the opportunity to hear the first performance of the song during 3LAU x Audien’s B2B set tonight at the Circuit Grounds (Stage 3). Those who aren’t physically at EDC Vegas will be able to stream the performance via href="https://www.insomniac.com/media/edc-las-vegas-2017-live-stream-red-bull-tv">Red Bull TV.

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