Jauz Talks OFF THE DEEP END, Electric Zoo and more in Exclusive Interview + Electric Zoo Contest

Festival season is here and while Electric Zoo is still a few months away, we’re counting down the days and catching up with Jauz who is getting ready to host his own stage at these year’s event on Sunday, September 3.

Bringing together Bijou, Saint Weekend, K?D, Joyride, Sub Focus, and Slushii, Jauz’s “OFF THE DEEP END” is going to be a party that you won’t want to miss.

OTDE is my way of creating an experience that should surpass a “normal club gig” or “normal festival set” on every level possible.”

 To celebrate “OTDE’s festival debut, we’re teaming up with Jauz and Electric Zoo and giving away two GA passes for the entire weekend.  Peep our exclusive interview with Jauz and enter to win below.  Winners will be announced on July 8.

JAUZ presents OFF THE DEEP END | Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro | Watch

Electric Zoo just announced that you’ll be hosting your own stage at this year’s festival.  What artists will you be bringing onto your stage?  Can fans expect any surprises?

I could NOT be more stoked on the lineup we have for the Off the Deep End stage this year. We have Bijou, Saint Weekend, K?D, Joyride, Sub Focus, Slushii, and myself and I honestly don’t know how we put together such an insane lineup! I’m a big fan and/or friends with everyone on the stage which makes it that much more awesome as well.

I feel like most of the lineup of the OTDE stage would make sense if you know me, my friends, my music, etc… but the one act that really stands out and will probably catch kids by surprise is going to be Sub Focus’ set.

I really wanted to incorporate one act onto the stage that would really throw a curveball, and also maybe help influence the kids at the stage to start listening to something different and I think he is perfect for that. The man is an absolute legend and was a huge inspiration to me early in my musical life with electronic music, and I’m so honored he agreed to play on the OTDE stage.

That being said, every act on the stage is going to be epic as fuck and if I were attending as a fan I feel like it would be hard to leave that stage for even a minute on Sunday! I basically will be attending as a fan since I’ll be there all day watching every set! hahaha!

Tell us a little more about Off The Deep End.  Where did you come up with the concept?  How does it differ from your usual performance style or setup?

The whole “Off the Deep End” concept kind of just came together naturally… We were in the development phase of what ended up being the first “Off the Deep End” tour, and hadn’t came up with a name or brand for it yet. I had been toying around with the OTDE concept as more of an afterparty series that was about me playing sets that really showcased the deeper side of my style/the music that I like to listen to and play not at “mainstage” sets or big clubs shows, etc.

I know that I have a lot of fans that enjoy that side of electronic music and it would be cool to explore that area of my sound more in depth. However, once we started talking about OTDE as a brand and concept we realized that we could do so much more with it if we didn’t pigeon hole it to one specific area of music, which as most people who know my music could tell you is pretty much exactly what my goal is anyways.

So we started the OTDE brand in Vegas for all of my residency shows and almost instantly we realized how easy it was for people to attach and relate to the concept. From there we decided to go full force with it, starting with the OTDE series this year, and now my goal is to make the OTDE brand as widespread and recognizable as Jauz itself.

The “mantra” of the OTDE concept is to make each event feel like you really have gone “Off the Deep End,” and are immersed in a totally new experience or world.

Like in Vegas, we try to make the OTDE parties the craziest, most unique Vegas club night you could find, from the music to the props etc., and with the OTDE tour, it was my first time I got to bring out my full custom stage production and spent FOREVER creating a set that I felt was the best representation of myself and my music, and also the most fun possible for every kid who came out to any of the shows.

OTDE is my way of creating an experience that should surpass a “normal club gig” or “normal festival set” on every level possible.

Electric Zoo has a large and diverse lineup, is there anyone in particular that you are excited to check out that might not be performing on your stage?

There are so many incredible artists playing this year it’s almost impossible to choose! I will say thought that I’m really hoping I get to watch Grey preform, they’re good buddies of mine and I’ve never had the chance to see them live so I’m really looking forward to it! They have some of the most incredible records out right now and they preform totally live, definitely an inspiration.

Last month you released “The Game” and “Claim To Be” and showed off your versatile production style.  What advice can you give to up and coming producers who are still trying to find their own unique sound and style?

To be frank, I think finding your “unique style” is one of the easiest things you can do once you stop thinking about it.

In my experience, both personally and seeing other people go through it, most people struggle to find their “sound” for two reasons – on one side, they’re too worried about what every other popular or upcoming artist is putting out and so they think they have to follow suit or no one will like what they’re doing.

On the other side, they’re trying TOO hard to be “unique” and “find their own sound” that they actually end up forcing it and the result isn’t what they’re looking for.

The only way to REALLY find that sound is to just stop looking for it. Stop listening to what other people are doing, stop worrying about trying to be an individual, and honestly, just stop giving a fuck about anything or anyone and just CREATE.

When you find that true “in the flow” moment of creativity where you just let the music come out of you naturally is when you will actually find out what kind of music is inside of you! It’s definitely easier said than done but if I can figure it out I’m pretty sure just about anyone can.

Who are you listening to at the moment?  Are there any up and coming artists popping up on your radar that need to be on ours? 

Kind of like what I said above, I try my best not to listen to too much electronic music, especially in the areas that I work in and also especially newcomers because I don’t want to trick myself into trying to “follow a trend” or “keep up with the times.” That being said there is SO MUCH good music coming out right now and SO MANY new amazing kids popping up left and right, it’s a really exciting time for music.

Also, I feel like so many kids I think are “coming up” right now have already exploded into the forefront, like Illenium, Rezz, Crankdat, etc. so I feel like anyone I really try to big up right now will probably be an obvious choice haha. However, one kid I’d really like to mention right now is Dombresky. His tracks always feel so fresh and are his productions are so clean, he’s definitely one to watch in the next coming months.

 I’ve also always been super influenced by the sounds that come from the UK and am always trying to find new artists from that area of the world. Just recently I started listening to Patrick Topping, who I know isn’t a newcomer but I bet a lot of american kids wouldn’t know about. His tracks have been on constant rotation on the Sonos system in my house when I’m chilling at home and always set such a good vibe.

What else can we expect from you in 2017?

Man, I have SO MUCH MUSIC coming in the second half of this year. I was honestly really hoping that more of it would be out right now but shit happens. I have so many different records too, some that fit right into the Jauz catalog, and a bunch that are pushing the envelope of what I do in lots of different ways.

Some are more vocal and melodic, some are more aggressive, and some sound kinda like nothing you’ve really heard before. I’ve been playing some of those last ones in my sets recently and the reaction has been awesome, I’m probably the most excited to get those ones out. It feels like writing old Jauz records all over again but in a totally new way. No matter what though, I think that this year is gonna really show exactly what I’m about and why I do what I do and I can’t wait to show all of you!



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‘Jauz Talks OFF THE DEEP END, Electric Zoo and more in Exclusive Interview + Electric Zoo Contest

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