Feed Me – They Say Ft. Kill The Noise & Anjulie [Exclusive Stream]

href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/tag/feed-me/" >Feed Me and href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/kill-the-noise/" >Kill The Noise have a long history of collaboration. Whether it’s a href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2014/10/feed-kill-noise-far-away-original-mix/" >one off track or an appearance href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2016/04/watch-official-video-kill-noise-feed-mes-coke/" >on the latter’s debut LP, when these two producers come together it is almost guaranteed that result will be a stunner.

Ahead of Feed Me’s href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2017/05/feed-announces-new-ep-mau5trap/" >new EP coming out on href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/mau5trap/" >mau5trap is their latest, dubbed “They Say,” featuring the vocal talents of href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/anjulie/" >Anjulie. A modest edit of Anjulie’s voice plays the track in over a smoothed out pad that slowly brightens up as the production builds to the drop. A rolling bass provides drives the drop as a thudding 4-on-the-floor beat thumps the track forward. A brief interlude ratchets the tension up, leading to an ominous and even more menacing second drop. It creates an undeniable groove that will certainly lead to packed dance floors when Feed Me’s newest release, Existential Crisis, drops.

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