REVIEW: Point Blank Music School is the Real Deal

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to enroll in one of Point Blank Music School’s online courses, in exchange for writing reviews documenting my experience throughout the 16-week course. This is the first review.

From the comprehensive curriculum to expert instruction I quickly found that just about every aspect of Point Blank’s online program far exceeded my expectations. Before the lessons even began just the amount of courses to choose from was impressive, with classes catering to just about every facet of music making and engineering you could be interested in. I decided to choose “Complete Mix & Mastering” and since starting four weeks ago I’ve already accumulated a ton of valuable knowledge and techniques to aid in my own production.

Every week the curriculum is structured to focus on a specific mixing topic, from dynamics and equalization to mixing vocals and routing reverb. Diving into each subject with incredible detail and precision, as the course progressed concepts that once seemed foreign and complicated to me were made crystal clear and straightforward. Thanks to Point Blank’s dynamic teaching approach literally any type of learning style is bound to flourish in this program. From well-articulated articles, tutorial videos, audio exercises, and even occasional 1-on-1 sessions with an instructor the methods in which you’re taught truly make learning feel effortless and fun.

The truth is while there’s an endless amount of tutorials and information readily available for free online, Point Blank’s creative approach to learning and level of technical expertise is absolutely unparalleled. If you can afford it, whatever course you decide to take will train you until you’re a master in the subject. Check out Point Blank Music School below and enroll in a class before the next term starts.

Point Blank Music School

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‘REVIEW: Point Blank Music School is the Real Deal

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