Moombahton creator Dave Nada drops an hour of Latin heat in new mixtape

Moombahton is far from today’s most popular dance sub-genre, but it remains an evident inspiration for of some of dance music’s biggest names, including href="">Skrillex, href="">DJ Snake, and of course, href="">Dillon Francis. In fact, if it weren’t for moombahton, Dillon arguably may not have grown into the href="">main stage headliner he is today. For that, we have href="">Dave Nada to thank. The Godfather of moombahton has carried the torch since he coined the term, quietly carving out a devoted niche of dancehall-reggaeton enthusiasts.

Now Nada has resurfaced with a new mixtape in support of Fania Records’ new endeavor, Armada Fania. The iconic NYC-based Latin music brand is celebrating a new pop-up club and store on April 20 from 10PM – 4AM at Subrosa in the Meatpacking District. Nada is graciously soundtracking the launch, and for lack of a more eloquent appraisal, this mixtape is fire. Actual turn a dance floor into a sauna fire.  

Cycling through a rotation of syrupy sirens and bachata-inspired beats, Nada laces together an hour of feisty percussive breakdowns and dance floor-primed club edits and dubs in honor of Fania’s new pop-up. Any day Dave Nada comes through with a new musical offering is a good day. Listen below.

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