What to expect on The Chainsmokers’ album tour

Following the release of their href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2017/04/stream-chainsmokers-brand-new-album-memoriesdo-open/">debut album, Memories…Do Not Open, href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/the-chainsmokers">The Chainsmokers have kicked off their North American arena tour of the same name. href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsJdgmFHfe8" >Footage from their shows in Miami, Tampa, and North Charleston has surfaced on Instagram and YouTube, giving fans a quick look at The Chainsmokers’ new production — featuring a live band as seen during their href="http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2017/04/watch-the-chainsmokers-imperfect-snl-performance/" >performance on SNL with Louis CK.

Given the magnitude of the Memories…Do Not Open tour, expectations have skyrocketed throughout the tour’s promotional campaign, leading up to The Chainsmokers’ opening show at the American Airlines Arena. The 3-hour performance encompasses much of what The Chainsmokers’ have showcased in the past with their DJ set in addition to new skits,visuals, and a pair of floating stages:

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Despite the critical observation that the Chainsmokers have faced in the media, Drew & Alex continue to reach to uncharted territories as dance music’s biggest duo. Tickets for the tour are available  href="https://www.thechainsmokers.com/shows">here.

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