Is Kendrick Lamar About to Drop Another Album on Sunday?

Rapper Kendrick Lamar performs onstage during FYF Fest 2016 at Los Angeles Sports Arena on August 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Kendrick Lamar just released his highly anticipated album DAMN last night, but fans are already speculating that he is going to drop another one on Sunday. They base this on various lyrics throughout the album as well as K. Dot’s single “The Heart Part IV.”

Kendrick is a devout Christian which plays a big part in this theory. During the first song off of his new album “BLOOD” Kendrick spits “you have lost something… you’ve lost your life” suggesting that Kendrick has died during the narrative of the album. With DAMN dropping on Good Friday, the theory goes on to suggest that Kendrick will rise on Easter Sunday with another album to present to the world.

But that’s not where the theory stops. During The Heart Part IV Kendrick raps “my next album, the whole industry on a ice pack… with TOC, you see the flames.” People are interpreting TOC as “The Other Color” after Sounwave tweeted out “what if I told you… that’s not the official version” followed by a picture of Morpheus from The Matrix.

Morpheus offered Neo a red pill and a blue pill in the Matrix which is why these fans believe TOC stands for The Other Color. The new album would be “the blue pill” in contrast to the red artwork from DAMN. Shortly after the release Kendrick also changed the background image on his Spotify to him in front of some blue bricks.

I’m not saying this is a for sure thing that’s happening but how rad would it be to get 2 Kendrick albums in less than a week. Other rappers like Future and Frank Ocean have dropped new albums very close to each other, but 2 albums in 3 days is unprecedented. We will have to wait until Sunday to see what happens, but I’m praying to the trap gods that this happens.

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‘Is Kendrick Lamar About to Drop Another Album on Sunday?

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