PREMIERE: WIZE Shares “all i know” from Forthcoming Debut Album


North London-based producer WIZE is here with a brand new single “all i know” from his forthcoming debut album Clarity. Once again, the single showcases his signature style, which blends melodic funk, Nintendo inspired melodies, and even some of his own vocals for something truly unique.

WIZE’s Clarity, which he describes as ‘an instrumental voyage of my story so far, is out April 28th — preorder here. Stream and download it’s first single “all i know” below.



WIZE on the title of the album,

‘The ‘Clarity’ title comes from the fact that it is all i’ve strived for throughout my entire journey within music. All I’ve ever wanted to do was to understand & perfect my craft, I consider that ‘Clarity’ in it’s purist form, and for the first time ever whilst creating this project, I felt I had taken a large step towards that goal.’


WIZE on the title of “all i know”,

‘The title all I know stems from a dingy studio session back in 2012. I was producing/co-writing with a singer at the time & created a song of the same title, I ended up recording guide vocals for the singer to follow, however it never saw the light of day. Earlier this year I stumbled upon the session files for that song & was delighted to see that all the vocal stems were recorded in a clean fashion and ready to be sampled by modern-WIZE, and I did just that. There’s a touch of all of my influences on there, some Timbaland, Scott Storch & my late grandfather Marquis Birch (Flute was his instrument of choice). All of that topped with the musical knowledge i’ve gained over the years is how ‘All I Know’ came to fruition’

WIZE – All I Know | Pre Order Clarity



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‘PREMIERE: WIZE Shares “all i know” from Forthcoming Debut Album

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