Listen to a new two hour set from Boys Noize

href="">Boys Noize has had a marquee year to say the least. He released his fourth studio album  href="">Mayday to critical acclaimwith an ensuing post-apocalyptic live show that manifested itself as one of the href="">top live performances of 2016. The German techno luminary firmly maintained his dominance in a year that saw techno widely stepping out of the warehouse and beginning to creep into the mainstream.

Before 2016 officially comes to a close, Boys Noize has shared a live set from one of his coveted Mayday shows, recording during his performance at Frankfurt’s iconic Robert Johnson nightclub. The two-hour recording is chock full of dark, eerie techno, shifting breaks, and wiry acid house. Commanding his crowd with syncopated drum beats and gritty tech loops, Boys Noize delivers two hours of flawless live mixing for his final offering of 2016.

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