Boys Noize confirms new Dog Blood remix in Reddit AMA

href="">Boys Noize revealed some key information about href="">Dog Blood during his recent href="">Reddit AMA. The Berlin electro and techno giant fielded touring and production questions, discussed possible b2b’s with href="">Gesaffelstein, vinyl sets, and his live  href="">Mayday shows, but right off the bat, it was clear fans were salivating for more Dog Blood news.

Boys Noize, real name Alex Ridha, discussed his need to create music with his collaborators, explaining that, with his and href="">Skrillex’s bustling tour schedules, authentically collaborating as Dog Blood is much easier said than done. “It’s important to be in the room with the people i make music with, moments happen that would def not happen if you send stuff back and forth,” Ridha writes.

That being said, Ridha does divulge some salient details that might point to new Dog Blood coming soon. Ridha admits that the duo’s older acid-house productions may never see the light of day, but in the same breath confirms that he and Sonny have been working on a remix of Mayday’s “Midnight.”

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Boys Noize has notably been href="" >playing out the remix at recent gigs, including his set from this year’s HARD Summer. Watch Boys Noize drop the remix at HARD below:

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