DA Exclusive: Jan Blomqvist feat. Elena Pitoulis – More (Original Mix)

The outset of 2016 sees Berlin’s Jan Blomqvist return with a debut LP offering for title="Armada" href="http://dancingastronaut.com/tag/armada-music/" >Armada Music, connecting the German talent with an imprint that has made significant musical expansion over the past 12 months. With Remote Control marking Blomqvist’s inaugural step towards the full-length platform, lead single ‘More’ draws a vocal edge on his otherwise vivid musical landscape.

Accompanied by Elena Pitlous, ‘More’ is a fine balance of firm instrumentation and harrowing vocal work, packing just enough kick to be club playable but otherwise calling on a more emotionally tuned strand of house music. It’s an intimate and mature moment for Armada, but one that speaks wonders of the rare musicality and polished electronic work that Jan Blomqvist is bringing to the table for 2016.

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Release Date: February 5

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