Pasquale Rotella defends freedom of self-expression in wake of kandi ban

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In response to href="">Mad Decent Block Party‘s stringent decision to href="">ban kandi from its touring festival, Insomniac’s head honcho href="">Pasquale Rotella couldn’t help but to toss his opinion into the ever-growing ring of dance music politics. For many, including Rotella, the unjust nature of banning kandi seems to more or less override the non-judgmental essence of the electronic music community, discouraging fans from expressing themselves in ways that were once viewed as acceptable.

As members of the dance music sphere, most pride themselves in their ability to exhibit individuality through mediums such as art, music and apparel – kandi included. Rotella’s personal but straightforward counter to the hindering of a worldwide tradition strives to get across that not only do these beaded bracelets create bonds between individuals, but they unify us all as a loving, expressive community.

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