Mad Decent Block Party employs heavy-handed safety measures; Kandi banned

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About a week after two deaths and twenty hospitalizations made headlines following the Washington, DC leg of href="">Mad Decent Block Party‘s tour, the festival’s organizers have taken additional precautionary steps to ensure each attendees’ safety. Aside from typically-prohibited items such as illegal substances, open packages of cigarettes or masks, Kandi also managed to land on the list of taboo objects. While the beaded bracelets are considered a large component of rave culture, the Mad Decent team and its partners were forced to forbid Kandi as they insinuate drug use and raves – two images from which the touring festival is trying to steer clear.

Furthermore, the recent drug-related deaths in Columbia, MD inspired an even heavier crackdown on security checks, particularly at its Brooklyn stop at MCU Park. Drug-sniffing dogs, undercover law enforcement and a mandatory two-minute video about the risks of using MDMA were added enhancements to the festival’s stricter entry guidelines.

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