SNL Warns the Dangers of the Bass Drop

Listen here: SNL Warns the Dangers of the Bass Drop

Last night on SNL’s season finale hosted by Andy Samberg, released an SNL Digital Short featuring Lil’ Jon explaining the dangers the bass not dropping at a rave. The skit, had me on the floor laughing, it pretty much sums it up for ravers today. The skit starts off at a nightclub, and Andy Samberg is the headliner DJ called Davvinicci! Get it? Everyone is dancing and raving, and “Davvinicci” keeps wanting the push the BASS button. You know how DJs use their laptops instead of deck these days? Well SNL explained that to the viewers when you saw Candy Crunch on his screen. Hmm. The best part of the skit was when, Davvinicci faked his illness. Then he let the BASS DROP, everyone lost their minds.. literally.

Thanks to Andy Samberg and SNL now everyone knows what ravers do when they hear their favorite DJs. What an incredible and hilarious tribute to our EDM culture.


Here is the SNL Digital Short, in case you missed it last night! Laugh On!




By: Meagen Surowiecki

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