Red Rocks Amphitheater Blasted with Noise Complaints by Locals, Michal Menert Comments

Listen here: Red Rocks Amphitheater Blasted with Noise Complaints by Locals, Michal Menert Comments

While the majority of the attendees to the industry famous Red Rocks Amphitheater aren’t complaining, the people of Morrison, CO certainly are.  Amid stipulations comparing Red Rock’s noise pollution to “Guantanamo Bay”, the city of Denver put new sound regulations into effect January 1st. As reported by the Denver Post’s Josie Klemaier, the rule stipulates that average sound levels “shall not exceed 105 decibels for one-minute averages after midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends and holidays”.  There are also a few other regulations that are meant specifically for the low-frequency bass that we in the EDM industry know and love.  The town of Morrison, who ironically have a picture of Red Rocks strewn across their website as a background, have requested another look at the noise pollution levels and a town meeting is set to go down tomorrow to address the issue.

Not everyone in the industry is upset at this turn of events however. Michal Menert, of Pretty Lights Music fame said that

“[i]f anything, this is going to bring more dynamic out in the music because it will allow more frequencies to breathe, it will be less in-your-face sound coming at you and more dynamic.”

The article also mentions a fine of up to $5,000 for each 30 minute increment that performers continued past curfew. While this is certainly no figure to balk at, it should make concert goers all the more appreciative of any and all encores.  One look at the upcoming schedule of performances to go on at Red Rocks tells me that this measure might fail miserably, with Global Dub, Gramatik and Bassnectar performing in the next month alone.

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