K3vin Envoy Is Selling Other Music Producer’s Songs on Amazon

Listen here: K3vin Envoy Is Selling Other Music Producer’s Songs on Amazon

You know that handy feature that’s like “oh, we see you liked this song, why don’t you listen to this one too?” and those tracks sound (usually) pretty similar? Imagine my surprise when one of them sounded, you know, exactly the same.

Readers, meet K3vin Envoy. Besides having appallingly awful taste in album covers, he’s a pretty talented guy. His talents include downloading tracks from your favorite EDM artists, putting his name on it, and then selling it on Amazon/Google music/iTunes. His other talents include photoshop – most of his pictures are his head pasted onto another person’s body (Armin van Buuren, for example).

All of K3vin’s tracks are “brand new originals!” which for Kevin means that they were ‘originally’ made by someone else. I haven’t seen this amount of copyright infringement ever, so it is pretty mindblowing. One wonders why labels are so eager to prosecute an eight year old for illegally downloading one track yet scum like this guy are left alone to sell other people’s music and make a profit. Pretty awesome, right? Here are some of his greatest hits:

1) K3vin Envoy – Be True
Actual Song: Lonely Mountain by FeedMe

2) K3vin Envoy – Breaking Your Fall (he calls this his own original
Actual Song: Danny Avila – Breaking Your Fall (Lucky Date Remix)

3) K3vin Envoy – Reload
Actual Song: Wiley – Reload (Wilkinson Remix)

4) K3vin Envoy – #1 in Heaven
Actual Song: MNDR – #1 in Heaven (Infuze Remix)

5) K3vin Envoy – The Calling
Actual Song: Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (R3hab & Swanky Tunes Remix)

6) K3vin Envoy – Born to Die
Actual Song: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Gemini Remix)

Update: We have discovered that K3vin Envoy has taken measures to make himself appear legitimate. Just take a look at his Facebook Page, Twitter Following, Website and Mobile App.

Of K3vin Envoy’s 180 tracks on amazon, I would say that the vast majority are stolen from someone else. So far I’ve been able to find 11 songs that are absolute copies of another artists work – most of them even with the same name of the track, drops in the same places, etc. Other artists affected include Bombs and Bottles, SirensCeol, Bill and Will, Kill the Noise..this guy has no shame.

Would you like to help us call out more fraud by Kevin? Check out his tracks on Amazon.


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