Madeon – Technicolor (Grandtheft Edit)

There are so many vibes in this track that it feels wrong to even write this, because you should just be listening to it on repeat and not be thinking about anything else. The original song by French wonder-child Madeon is good enough, it’s got a lot of feels, but Grandtheft did the unthinkable: He made it better. The added drums bring so much to the song and make it a much more real track, if that makes sense. I love electronic music, synthesizers till I die, but organic instruments will always bring a song to an emotional level that you can’t reach with straight electronic sounds. You can tell that Grandtheft loved ‘Technicolor’, because he didn’t go crazy with this edit, he just took the original and added his own personal touch to it and I respect the hell out of that. Thank god that his ‘personal touch’ happened to turn into one of the best edits of a song that i’ve heard in a long time. FREE DOWNLOAD AND STUFF!

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