What we learned from Tomorrowworld

Last weekend, the Simply Neon family took a road trip down to Atlanta, Georgia to experience the first ever Tomorrowworld. The festival took place approximately ten minutes west of Atlanta in a rural town called Fairburn, GA, on a farm that was an impressive 8,000 acres. Tomorrowworld itself encompassed only a fraction of that space, only about 500 acres, but it was more then enough space to say the least. Let me tell you, everything on that vast stretch of land was absolutely beautiful; every inch of the farmland from Dreamville to the Main Stage was transformed into a magical land. The Tomorrowworld crew did an amazing job setting everything up and the staff was the friendliest we’ve ever met. You could really tell that money was no object when it came to this festival. This was even more apparent when you went to buy anything. There was the obvious overpricing of everything you can expect at any festival. But here, you paid for everything in tokens and every token was about 2 dollars. See, when I first heard that we had to pay for everything in tokens, I thought that I was going to get little coins and that I could act like I was paying for everything in gold doubloons. Needless to say I was disappointed when I found out they were little pieces of paper. A beer came out to about $12.00, and that was just for a crappy domestic beer. If you hit up the Belgian Beer Cafe, that’s where things got REALLY expensive.  But blah blah blah, by now you know the drill with festivals,  now let me tell you what we as a team learned from Tomorrowworld:


1. Bring your own food and alcohol- everything in the festival is very expensive, your wallet will thank you.
2. Bring plenty of toilet paper. The bathrooms got pretty ugly.
3. Never Trust an Oompa Loompa that shows up at your tent at 5am  carrying Spice.
4. If you can afford it, GET AN EASY TENT!!! The trek from the unnecessarily large parking area to Dreamville is rough.
5. If you want to rough it out  though, bring a wheelbarrow/hand-truck/little red wagon to carry your shit. This goes hand in hand with #4. The walk from your car to the entrance can be up to 2 miles long, and then you have to get to your campsite in Dreamville.
6. Bring a chalkboard, many strikes will be given to out of control friends/new friends
7. Be nice and RESPECT your neighbors, don’t stay up screaming and shouting all night, some people rage differently than you.
8. Keeping up with Europeans can be difficult at times, its okay. Hold your head high and power through! USA USA USA
9. Take showers later in the day. In the morning everyone’s trying to shower to get into the festival, so wait it out. The later it is, the shorter the lines will be.
10. Don’t show up to a stranger’s tents are starting blowing lines of ketamine off a knife. No, you’re not cool. Don’t be that guy.
11. Bring a Camelback and fill it often. It is very hot during the day and you will get very dehydrated, very quickly. I cannot stress how important it is to stay hydrated.
12. For how hot it gets during the day, it gets just as cold at night. Pack warm clothes. The drastic change in temperature also makes the nights very moist. That’s right. Moist. Be prepared for everything to get very soggy.
13. Don’t bring cologne in a glass bottle. When they say, “No glass”, they mean it.
14. Bring a power source. We brought a car battery, and thank God we did. It literally saved our asses with charging our electronics. Many people used the various outlets around the festival, but the event staff didn’t like this. They had chargers you could buy which were great for while you were at the stages, but they charge out the ass to use their cell phone chargers and the chargers only keep your phone at its current battery percentage. There were other chargers that were less expensive that ran on AA batteries, but these only provide a 2-hour charge, and would not fully charge your battery. 
15. Definitely do not miss out on next year.

If you have any pictures or stories from Tomorrowworld, please send them our way!



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