DJ Brendan O’Neill Takes Burning Man

Brendan O’Neill’s live set from Burning Man is finally here!

Brendan O’Neill has recently exploded in the world of trance. He’s played with top artists such as Cosmic Gate, Paul Van Dyk, and Paul Oakenfold; he also played at the legendary Burning Man festival. At Burning Man, he was tasked with playing the 5:30 – 6:30 AM set… and he absolutely owned it. Really. The only way to explain it is that this guy just has a way with trance.

As the sun rose over the misty desert, his set began to shed more and more light- changing from a dark, almost evil sound to a melodic and uplifting tone. The set contains many of his bootlegs as well as his incredible remix of the Armin classic “Sound of Goodbye”

After speaking with Brendan, he told us “This has been one of the most enjoyable sets I have ever played, and I want to thank Paul Oakenfold for inviting me out this amazing festival.”


If you didn’t make it to Burning Man, don’t worry friends. It just so happens that his epic set is available for free download!  We’ve provided the link below for your listening pleasure. Also, make sure you follow him on Facebook, twitter, and soundcloud:


This article has been written by: Jane and Bart

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