Madeon adds new Two Door Cinema Club single to high-end production duties for 2013

Away from his technically refined approach to live dance music, French trailblazer Madeon has rallied some considerable industry stripes. With tracks already produced for Lady Gaga, Ellie Goudling and British rock outfit Muse, the young talent dutifully follows-up the long-awaited “Technicolor” with production duties for Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club. Having hinted at a forthcoming array of highbrow collaborations, “Changing Of The Seasons” was an obvious choice for BBC Radio One’s hottest track in the world earlier this week. A firm melodic concoction of his own melodic electro sensibilities and the band’s penchant for infectious leftfield pop music, the track is yet another fine addition to an artist bringing consistent integrity to the prospect of crossing over. 

Pre-order: iTunes

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